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SIRS.FM is a non-profit station, so if you like our music please make a small donation!

We’re eager to promote and feature local BANDS and MUSICIANS on SIRS. So, if you’re a local Band or a Musician and you’d like us to play your material you can UPLOAD your songs to us below or send us your CD. You can also send us a picture with a short description about yourself(s) in no more than 300 words, including your Gig schedule. We are fully licenced with both the PRS & PPL that protects your copyright. Surfers cannot download material from our website either!

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Allowed Formats: .mp3, .jpg, .png, .gif


Internet Radio uses Mp3 files because they are small, take up less bandwidth and produce adequate CD quality audio for streaming.

If you’re going to ‘rip’ a CD (it’s quite legal) you will need either a PC or a Laptop with a CD drive to complete this task. If you have Windows 10, or 8.1 or 7 you should have Windows Media Player already installed. Open Media Player, insert your CD. Wait a moment and all the songs should be listed (if not don’t worry). On ‘Rip Settings’ make sure the Format is Mp3 and the Audio is set to 128kbps (these settings will remain as default). Click on Rip CD and once completed your music files will be placed in the Music section of your PC or Laptop. Browse the file location and Upload each Mp3 individually. Full instructions here:

OTHER FORMATS: If you have other Audio formats such as .FLAC or .WAV that need converting to Mp3 this Free program will easily perform all tasks:

Download: (chose ‘Convert Audio’)