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Hello from the Shetland Islands!

SIRS.FM was launched in April 2019 that offers Shetlanders an ‘alternative’ from the usual six FM stations on the island. We rely solely upon donations and advertisers to keep SIRS.FM operating, so your donations are very important!  We’ve got a huge 20,000 track library of an eclectic mix of music for almost every taste including Classic Rock, Disco, House, Garage, Hip Hop, New Age, Indy, Dance, Jazz, Celtic, Shetland, Folk & Country. However, due to popular request we are now regularly play the BIG hits from 60s to 2000s.  I lived in Canada during the 70’s so you’ll hear many ‘rare’ tracks from that era that were popular in North America. Be prepared for a musical extravaganza as the memories of yesteryear come flooding back!

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Thank you for supporting SIRS.FM. To all our friends, including all our regular and new listeners, do keep safe during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re thinking of you and send our best wishes to you and your family.

Shetland Events Advertising & Sales
A fascinating theory about when the Romans came to Shetland in circa AD79

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Local Shetland small business Ad’s are FREE!

Click here for my Advertising rates

Local Shetland small business Ad’s are FREE!


Promotional Releases

Forest Moon

by Phil Thornton | Light of the Forest Moon

Da Norrowa Wheel

by Claire White (Shetland) | Lasses Trust In Providence

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