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by Alex Couper | Whaar Did I Get Dis Bug

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The Kinks – You Really Got Me (1965)


Arnar Dór

Promotional Feature


by Arnar Dór | The song is written by Gunnar Ingi Guðmundsson - Lyrics written by Erin Brassfiled Bourke

The song Carolyn was written by Gunnar Ingi Guðmundsson who is from Keflavík 90 minutes from Reykjavík, Iceland. Gunnar composed Carolyn when he was studying songwriting in Berklee College of music 2016-2018 in Boston. In October 2019 Gunnar contacted his friend Arnar Dór who joined The Voice Iceland in 2018. After the demo track of the song Arnar was so impressed and said, “I am game for this song!” Recording took place in February 2020, but due to Covid-19 they had to take a break and started again in June. By July the track was on Spotify. Carolyn has now received over 25,000 streams on Spotify from across the world

Carolyn recorded by Arnar Dór
Written by Gunnar Ingi Guðmundsson
Lyrics by Erin Brassfiled Bourke

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